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2020年6月13日 (土)

I hate inconsistency

06131_20200613193901  The 930's air cleaner box has a small square hole in it. The MAF sensor I made has an 80mm outer diameter. I'm an old man and I don't need power but I don't like the inconsistency. I cut out the square hole into a big circle.

06132  Air funnels are needed to smooth out the intake air. I made an air funnel. All you need is a sewer pipe , a burner, leather gloves, and a little burn.

06133  The test drive was fine. When driving very gentlemanly, I felt some discomfort between 1000 rpm and 1500 rpm. Porsche will tell me not to drive below 1500 rpm, but to me that needs improvement,It is.


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