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2020年4月 5日 (日)

3.2L Porsche O2 Sensor removal

04051_20200405202001 It is said that there are two types of DME for 3.2L Porsche. There are two types of O2 sensors, one is the EUR type without O2 sensor and the other is the US type with O2 sensor.
But as far as I've tested, both programs work the same. O2 sensor feedback behavior when I add O2 sensor to EUR specification.
When the DME terminal is equipped with an O2 sensor, there is usually an input of 0.44V or less, or an input of 0.49V or more. In this case, the DME judges that the O2 sensor is equipped and performs the feedback operation.
If the O2 sensor is removed, the input voltage will be maintained at 0.465V as described yesterday and the "do nothing" mode will be executed. This is how the EUR specification works.

If the DME is not equipped with an O2 sensor, it is best not to connect any wires to the DME terminal. It is possible to minimize the influence of the vehicle's Iz around the reverse electromotive force of the ignition coil.
If you connect the wires to the O2 sensor terminals and extend them into the engine compartment, you may be adversely affected by noise.
In the 3.2L Porsche, the wiring of the ignition system and the wiring of the O2 sensor go through the same route, and the connector on the engine side of the O2 sensor is directly under the ignition coil. This is where the noise is strongest.
The most effective and simple way to minimize the effect of noise without disconnecting this wiring is to short the connector in the engine compartment.
There are some problems with this, but it's too long, so I'll describe them tomorrow.


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