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2019年12月21日 (土)

Ignition circuit of 3.2L DME

12211  Ignition circuit of 3.2L DME has three functions. They are "Ignition", "Current limitting" and "Voltage limitting".
 Green zone is "Ignition". Red zone is "Current limitting". Blue zone is "Voltage limitting".

12212  The drawing manner of BOSCH's circuit diagram is difficult to understand for me.
 So I redrawed diagram by my method.

12213  This picture is testing for voltage limiting. I always test when I bought new IGBT.

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I knew intuitively that B's circuit diagram had some invisible problems. So I developed my own method.

投稿: kumajiro | 2019年12月23日 (月) 18時15分

I changed transistor to IGBT and readjusted R and C.
I am interested in your method.

投稿: みつやす | 2019年12月23日 (月) 21時09分



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